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Psychic Readings in Hampton, New Hampshire

Healing Items for the Home

Along with providing psychic readings, Spiritual Readings by Duchess sells a number of items that help you with love, health, and even success at work. We carry wonderful gifts like:
• Incense
• Candles
• Crystals
• Herbal Soaps

Our Services Include:

• Tarot Cards
• Palm Readings
• Chakra Cleansing
• Spiritual Consultations
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Sometimes unlocking the mysteries in your life requires going outside the norm. Perhaps your past contains events that you never knew about, or maybe the future holds secrets that you desperately want the answers to, now. Our psychic readings in Hampton, New Hampshire, will not only amaze you, but also reveal the answers you've been looking for. We also offer a location in Portsmouth, NH , Maine.

About Our Gifted Psychic Reader

Duchess has 35 years of experience providing expert psychic readings in the sea coast area. As a child, she was interested in visions, dreams, and spiritual guidance. She soon felt a calling to provide readings using tarot cards, as well as with other methods.
Her unique gift has helped so many people, and she looks forward to helping even more people in the future.
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